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The best games are simple but hard to master: We created some timeless classic games for competitive play.

We are happy to partner with BigBrain Games to implement some of their newest flagship competitive games.



The team over at BigBrain Games always had an idea. A vision of what they wanted their next games to look like - all they needed was for a team to bring it to life.


More technically, they wanted it to be built in a way that best integrates with their existing primary app suite containing a suite of games. With the time constraints set to launch the games within the upcoming year, this ongoing partnership needed a solid foundation before we even thought of bringing any games into reality. 


As game developers, we have in the past put an emphasis on Unity as our main game development tool and while its versatility proved to be useful in many of our cases, we were given the challenge of integrating our workflow to work with BigBrain Game’s existing tech stack which blended our efforts with Swift.


Collaborative Experimentation


Fostering a collaborative environment has always been our approach to client projects and so we wanted to have an open discussion on our approach before we took any next steps. 


With that, our team set in motion meetings and workshops with the BigBrain Games team to identify areas of similarity with the suite of tools that we had to build a pipeline that complements the capabilities of both Unity and Swift, ultimately giving us the confidence to build a seamless experience between the two.


Gaming the System


Through research and testing, we were able to land at integrating the Unity game within Swift in a way that makes the games we make feel fluid and natural. With a solid foundation, we set our plan in motion to include further brainstorming on game design and user retention.


As the games would be played for people of varying skill levels to compete,  we made sure to balance the game so that it's easy to learn but also reward those who have honed their skills to be rewarded.


Refining the Wheel


A couple months into the project, we reached a point where we could visually refine the first game we had developed for them. It was at this point where we focused our efforts in encompassing a satisfying user experience by rewarding player skill with rewards such as in-game currency through the use of colour and animation. 


Throughout this polishing phase we also landed on a visual style we wanted to portray in all future games, making sure that it adhered to BigBrain Game's own branding as well as using the psychology of colour to further entice players of the games to achieve more. 



With a continued partnership with the BigBrain Games, we are able to successfully bring their visions to life quicker than ever.


We were very happy to have shipped the games quicker than the expected timeframe and a solid foundation now means future projects will ship faster and better for many players around the world to enjoy . 


With more projects with the BigBrain Games to come and the parent app hosting over 2000+ downloads, we are thrilled to show more of the upcoming game apps that we're working on here!



"A bug-free application that integrated seamlessly into our native app. The team maintained clear communication, delivered on time, and provided regular updates through check-in meetings and emails. Overall, they had a great attitude and quality work."
BigBrain Games

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